Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Election 2018

The next General Election will take place on 16th May this year. This is your chance to elect those who you wish to be your voice in the States for the next 4 years.

Reform Jersey will be standing candidates across the Island on an agreed platform with policies focused on one clear aim - to improve the standard of living for all Islanders. To this end, we have produced a full election manifesto with specific actions to improve public services, tackle the cost of housing, reduce poverty and increase job opportunities in an economy which works for all.

The current Council of Ministers has failed in its primary promise to grow the economy, while presiding over a society which has grown more and more unequal. Those worst off: pensioners, children, single parents and those with a disability, have all suffered. Those in work have seen the value of their earnings go down. We, in Reform Jersey, do not accept that any of this is inevitable.

With 3 members in the States, Reform Jersey is providing the only consistent major voice for an alternative to the damaging policies of the government. We believe progressive change for all Islanders lies in the election of greater numbers of our candidates who are committed to deliver a pragmatic and costed plan. A better Jersey is possible.

Sam Mézec
Party Chairman