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Why join as a member of Reform Jersey?

Reform Jersey is led by its membership. No other political organisation in Jersey is as inclusive or democratic as Reform Jersey.

Islanders who join the party are entitled to attend our party meetings to help set our political agenda. Members can also put themselves forward to stand for election.

We regularly consult with our members and take votes on what our policies should be. This has often culminated with one of our elected members taking a proposition to the States Assembly to have our policies implemented. This is how you can directly influence what happens in Jersey politics.

We also host a series of social events and fundraisers throughout the year, where members can come and enjoy themselves with like-minded people.

We have three categories of membership

Youth Membership

Members below the age of 18 can join the party for free and are automatically members of the Reform Jersey Youth Committee, which has permanent membership on our leading Management Committee, to ensure that there is always a youth voice present when we are making our decisions.

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Standard Membership

Standard Membership is open to islanders from 19 years old, with a £5 joining fee, plus £2 per month.

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International Membership

If you do not live in Jersey, but wish to show your solidarity with the party, you can still join as an International Member. However, you will only be able to take part in votes whilst on-Island. The membership fee still applies.

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