Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Statement of Values

Reform Jersey is a social democratic political party.

We believe that it is the duty of the state, in partnership with its citizens, to help create a society that works for all, including the poorest and most disadvantaged. We believe in speaking up for the vulnerable, encouraging those with aspiration, and ensuring all can live in a society built on social and economic justice. We wish the Island to prosper in a manner that will improve the wellbeing of all current and future citizens.

We will strive to work towards anything that gets these values featured in the laws of Jersey and the actions of the government, including standing candidates for election to the States Assembly.


  1. Name

    The name of the party shall be ‘Reform Jersey’ (herein referred to as ‘the party’)

  2. Membership

    1. Membership shall be open to any person normally resident in Jersey, above the age of 13 years old.
    2. Those who live outside of Jersey may join as "International Members" but may not vote on party motions.
    3. A member cannot be a member of another Jersey political party.
    4. All persons seeking membership of the party shall complete an application form confirming they sign up to the party's values and are happy to be contacted by the party.
    5. A membership list will be kept up to date by the Management Committee.
    6. All information held about members will be strictly confidential.
    7. Membership fees shall be at rates agreed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), with special provision made for concessionary rates.
    8. Membership shall be refused or revoked for any person who demonstrates a lack of sympathy for the aims of the party or who behaves in a manner likely to bring the party into disrepute.
    9. All members are entitled to one vote on motions at meetings. Members can vote by proxy by submitting their vote to the chairperson in advance of the meeting.
    10. Any party member may resign their membership by giving written notice to the party secretary. Their name must then be removed from the membership list within 10 days.
    11. A party member will be automatically stripped of their membership should they undertake to stand in a public election to the States Assembly against an endorsed party candidate.

  3. Officers

    1. The party shall elect a –
      1. Leader
      2. Chairperson or Co-chairs
      3. Secretary
      4. Treasurer
      5. Equality officer
      6. Any other office that is deemed necessary.
    2. The Party Leader should, unless it is not possible, be a member of the States Assembly.
    3. The Chairperson/ Co-chairs should not be a member/ members of the States Assembly.                           
    4. A member may hold up to two of these positions.
    5. Elections for each post must be held annually at the AGM.
    6. Elections with more than two candidates should be conducted using the Alternative Voting system.
    7. Candidates for these offices must be nominated by two party members either in writing or in person at an AGM.
    8. Upon the resignation of an office holder, the party will elect a member to serve out the rest of their term at the next party meeting.
    9. An office holder who does not attend three consecutive party meetings without excuse will be deemed to have resigned from their post.

  4. Management Committee

    1. The Management Committee shall run the day to day affairs of the party.
    2. The Management Committee shall be made up of the party's officers, all elected States Members, the designated St. Helier Roads Committee member (if applicable), President of Youth Committee, delegate from Unite the Union, up to five non-office holders and any members in the interim co-opted by the majority decision of the Management Committee.                           
    3. The non-office holders shall be elected at the AGM to serve for one year.
    4. The Management Committee shall meet at least once a month and produce minutes and an agenda to be circulated amongst the party membership.
    5. At least 7 members of the committee must be present for the meeting to go ahead.
    6. The management committee must undertake to hold regular meetings open to all party members, in which motions can be lodged and voted upon.

  5. Sub-Committees

    1. There shall be a Youth Committee, whose membership shall comprise of all Reform Jersey Members below the age of 25. The aim of the committee will be to promote engagement with Reform Jersey amongst young people and to provide a voice for young people in our internal procedures and policy making.
    2. The Youth Committee shall elect its own President (to act as Chairperson).
    3. The Party Leader and Party Chairperson/ Co-chairs shall have the right to attend Youth Committee meetings to provide members with assistance.
    4. Other sub-committees may be set up upon a decision made at a general meeting.
    5. Sub-committees may be formed to construct policies in specific areas, to which other party members may be co-opted to on the recommendation of the Management Committee.                           

  6. Public Elections

    1. All party members have the right to seek official endorsement by the party for elections to the States Assembly.
    2. The Management Committee must constitute a Selection Committee at least two months prior to the nomination date for a general election to decide which members will be endorsed as candidates for the offices of Deputy, Senator and Constable.
    3. In the case of a by-election, the Management Committee must constitute a Selection Committee as soon as is possible after the by-election is announced, to decide on a candidate.
    4. All party members have the right to make representations to the Selection Committee to ask to be considered as a candidate. The Selection Committee should be honest and blunt with members and be ready to be flexible in their final decisions to make sure that the right candidates are always standing in the right constituencies.
    5. It may be preferable in some elections for the party not to contest an election, but rather lend our support to a non-party candidate who we believe shares enough common values with the party and who stands a better chance of winning the election. It may also be that a seat was held by a party we are in coalition or electoral alliance with, who are putting forward a candidate, so we would not contest it.
    6. Members may also seek election to Parish roles, if the Management Committee deems it worthwhile for party efforts to be focused on such an election.                           

  7. Meetings

    1. An Annual General Meeting shall be held every year in July.
    2. The Management Committee will arrange Special General Meeting in circumstances that necessitate one (i.e. to discuss an alteration to the constitution).
    3. General Meetings open to all party members will be held as often as there is an appetite for amongst members.
    4. Members can propose motions for debate at meetings, so long as one week’s notice is given.
    5. Motions shall be decided by simple majority, except motions to alter the constitution, which must be approved by a two thirds majority.
    6. Members unable to attend a meeting may vote by proxy.
    7. On important party motions, the Management Committee might set up the facility for members to vote online.                         

  8. Finances

    1. The party’s finances shall be managed by the Treasurer.
    2. The Treasurer will produce up to date accounts that can be inspected by any party member upon request.
    3. The accounting period will be from the 15th of May, to the 14th May the following year.
    4. The party will accept donations from any interested person or group who wishes to contribute to our efforts, except when to do so would bring the party into disrepute.
    5. All funds must be spent on furthering the aims and purposes of the party.

  9. General

    1. The party may choose to affiliate to another body. To do so, a motion must be passed by a simple majority at a General Meeting.
    2. The party may choose to award honorary or life membership to distinguished individuals who have contributed to Jersey politics in such a way that the party considers to be exemplary. Such a decision will be ratified by a simple majority vote at a General Meeting.
    3. Any decision of the Management Committee affecting a particular individual may be appealed by that person to the full membership at a General Meeting. The aggrieved party shall give notice in writing to the Secretary, who shall, within twenty-eight days, convene a General Meeting for the purpose on condition that such notice shall have been countersigned by five party members who affirm that they support the said appeal.
    4. Should doubt arise as to the interpretation of this constitution, the decision of the Management Committee will prevail in the first instance, but may be appealed by the membership at a General Meeting by a simple majority vote.
    5. The party membership may choose to dissolve the party at a Special General Meeting called for such purpose. A letter requesting a SGM to discuss the dissolution of the party must be co-signed by 10 party members and submitted to the Management Committee, who must then call the meeting within two weeks. The vote must be decided by a two thirds majority.
  10. Adoption of the Constitution, as amended 
    This Constitution, as amended, was adopted by members to be enacted on 20/06/2019