Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Welcome to the Reform Jersey website.

Reform Jersey is a social-democratic political party which will be fielding candidates in the upcoming election in June.

We stand for social and economic justice and have been campaigning for a fairer Island society since we were formed in 2014. We currently have five elected members of the States Assembly who have been working to deliver on the commitments we made in our 2018 manifesto. In 2020, we published our 'New Deal for Jersey' proposals to outline how we believe Jersey should seek to recover from the Covid pandemic.

On 22nd June, Jersey will hold a general election to choose our next government. In the coming months, we will be revealing the details of our election manifesto and announcing our candidates. We will demonstrate that we are the most credible alternative to the current government and have a record in office which shows we can be trusted to deliver the change that Jersey needs.

In the meantime, if you wish to get involved with our party, you can join as a member and become an activist. Please also make sure you are registered to vote so you can have your say in this important election!

Deputy Sam Mézec
Party Leader