Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Where Reform Jersey candidates stand apart from ‘independent’ candidates, is that we can offer voters a cast-iron guarantee that we will pursue a core set of policies if we are elected.

This is not a wish-list, it is a blueprint for a Reform Jersey work programme if our candidates are elected.

After the election, our successful candidates will share responsibility for putting together States’ propositions to implement each pledge. We commit to reporting back to the public every year to update on the progress made towards fulfilling these pledges.

Consider this our contract with the electorate.

We will work to:

  1. Reform our Income Tax system to allow all taxpayers to claim tax allowances, reducing the effective rate for all taxpayers, except the highest earning 5% who will be asked to pay slightly more.

  2. Introduce grants to cover the costs of university tuition fees for all Jersey students, along with means tested maintenance grants. For those not seeking higher education, we shall secure provision of high quality apprenticeships.

  3. Increase the Minimum Wage to £10 an hour by 2022 and end the inappropriate use of zero-hour contracts by enforcing the JACS guidelines through regulation.

  4. Reduce Social Security Contributions for the self-employed and gradually increase the rate for high earners, to match the rate paid by low and middle earners.

  5. Introduce 26 weeks statutory parental leave funded from Social Security contributions and 3 weeks’ minimum statutory annual paid leave.

  6. Work with the Jersey Electricity Company to support investment in renewable energy technologies and set ambitious targets for renewable energy generation.

  7. Reduce the cost of GP consultations for those on low incomes. In consultation with stakeholders, introduce an affordable scheme to replace the dental fitness scheme for children.

  8. Introduce a rent freeze on the social housing sector and research and develop a fair rent regulation system for all sectors. We will introduce an empty property tax to encourage unused properties to be put back on the market.

  9. Restore free collective bargaining with public sector representatives, and re-open negotiations over workforce modernisation.

  10. Reform our electoral system to introduce one category of States Member, elected in equal sized constituencies where all voters have the same number of votes.