Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

  • We will review the role of the States Employment Board with a view to establishing an independent Public Sector Commission.

The States of Jersey is the Island’s biggest employer. It is essential that the public have trust in the people that provide government services, and that government services are provided efficiently. Staff morale within the public sector is low in a large number of areas, and this has a negative effect on service delivery in addition to costing the taxpayer more if trained and experience staff are not retained.

The Target Operating Model put in place by the former CEO has put a lot of strain on key areas within the public sector, and has not proved to deliver the outcomes that we were promised. If elected to government, Reform Jersey will require each Director General to demonstrate that their departmental structure is the most appropriate, and that essential and frontline services are the top priority when it comes to staffing levels.

We will also review the current role and function of the States Employment Board and related administration, with a view to establishing an independent Public Sector Commission to issue expected public sector standards and related policies, and to be the first referral point for breaches. Establishing an independent entity will address any conflicts of interest that appear to exist within the current structure. No increase of staffing will be required as posts will be moved within the current People and Corporate Services Department.