Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

  • Include artists and cultural organisations in the development of a cultural strategy.
  • Investigate the feasibility of establishing an arts and culture hub in Gloucester Street when the hospital is moved.

Jersey has always had a unique and strong sense of its own cultural identity, shaped over centuries by its geography, people and traditions. We are a multicultural community and our cultural identity is influenced by the many cultures who have made Jersey their home.

Reform Jersey places high value on the arts, culture and heritage, in all their forms. In 2019, we succeeded in putting an end to a decade of funding cuts to this sector by securing permanent and sustainable funding of the arts and culture sector, fixing spending at a guaranteed 1% of overall government revenue expenditure. We are already starting to see the fruits of this investment with a reinvigorated cultural and creative sector. We will ensure that there is a suitable negotiation process in place so that organisations in receipt of regular funding from government are able to present their funding requirements, and that good governance is in place around any government funding. We will also include all arts and cultural organisations, as well as practitioners, in the development of the cultural strategy.

Sadly, during the pandemic, many of our arts and cultural events could not take place and facilities were closed. The Jersey Opera House still remains closed and not enough is being done by the government to enable the doors to open. The government has not put adequate plans in place for the ongoing maintenance of arts and cultural facilities. Reform Jersey will work with the arts and cultural organisations to ensure that there is a suitable maintenance plan in place for these important community facilities so that we do not see a repeat of the current issue. We will investigate the feasibility of establishing an arts and culture hub in Gloucester Street when plans are developed for the current hospital site.

Events are a great way to bring our Island’s culture and heritage to life. The Corn Riots Festival, a special bank holiday celebration of music, culture and the community is an example of how the celebration of our heritage can bring people together.

One of the things that makes Jersey unique is that we have our own native language. We should all be proud of this. In the past term of office, we secured additional resources for Jèrriais and the new team of teachers not only keep the language alive in schools, but they have done so much in terms of community outreach, to promote Jèrriais culture in all its forms.

We also recognise the contribution that other minority communities have made and continue to make to island life. As a party, we work closely with many groups to make sure that all cultures are represented, and we celebrate the vibrancy and diversity they also bring to the Island’s identity.