Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Equality is the core principle which inspires Reform Jersey’s politics. If Reform Jersey is elected to the next government, we will ensure that it is at the top of the policy agenda for the next four years.

Under successive governments, Jersey has become a more unequal society. Whilst the number of millionaires has multiplied, the number of Islanders living in relative poverty has increased. Foodbank usage has gone up. Real terms earnings have been frozen for a decade. Many Islanders are considering leaving Jersey because the cost of living has left them without hope that they will ever see their standard of living improve.

If no meaningful action is taken to reverse these trends, Jersey risks facing terminal decline.

The current States Assembly has rejected multiple propositions brought by Reform Jersey during the last term of office to reduce income inequality. The data provided in the Income Distribution Analysis objectively demonstrates that Jersey has gone backwards under the current government leadership.

The next government must commit to delivering a more equal society and be prepared to implement policies which will achieve this. These policies must see those on the lowest incomes brought out of relative poverty so they may enjoy the dignity of a decent standard of living and increase their participation in our economy. These must support those middle earners who have felt squeezed over this last decade. These policies can be balanced by asking those with very high incomes to contribute their fair share.

As well as reducing income inequality, the government must also tackle social inequality. Irrespective of their background, everyone in Jersey should have the ability to reach their potential and thrive. The government must lead the way in creating an environment where that is possible. We will work to ensure that all Islanders have access to adequate housing, food, education, healthcare and transport as a right.