Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

  • Review all current contract with external consultants to determine if that work is essential or could be provided in-house more efficiently.
  • Provide greater access to breakdowns of public spending.

Governments should spend within their means and ensure good value for money. Yet many Islanders feel that the government wastes large amounts of public money on consultants and projects which never seem to reach their conclusion. Much of this arises from Ministers being reluctant to take decisions and stand by them.

We want to see improvements to the government’s procurement policies to ensure greater transparency and value for money. This will include publishing the intention to engage consultants. Where there is a need for recurring advisory services, these may be better provided in-house. In government, we will undertake a full review of all current contracts with external consultants and determine if the consultancy is essential and providing good value for money. Where required, we will instruct People and Corporate Services to train existing staff so that reliance on external consultants is further reduced.

We want to ensure that government financial planning and reporting is more transparent. Future Government Plans should not be based on broad Heads of Expenditure, which can be used to cover up wasteful expenditure and poor financial management within departments. To prevent this, we will instruct Directors General to provide a full breakdown of all departmental expenditure.