Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

On top of the broader policies contained within this manifesto, we are committing to nine specific pledges which Reform Jersey members will propose during this term of office. Each pledge is tangible, deliverable and affordable. Each will correspond with a States proposition or Ministerial Order if our members are elected to government.

Living Wage

We will raise the Minimum Wage to the ‘Living Wage’, starting by raising it to £10 per hour from 1st October 2022.

Housing Crisis

We will declare a housing crisis in the first week of office and require officers to implement our ‘Housing Crisis Action Plan’ as a matter of urgency.

Affordable Healthcare

We will expand the ‘Health Access Scheme’ so Islanders with long-term illnesses can access cheaper GP appointments. We will work towards abolishing the fee entirely for all Islanders. GST on food and essential items We will remove GST from food and essential items by 2023. This will be done on the same basis as the VAT exemptions in the UK.

School meals

We will ensure that all States primary schools provide a hot and nutritious meal daily for all their students by September 2023.

Fair taxes

We will reform our tax system to ensure taxes are progressive and fair. This will include raising the top rate for the highest earners, reducing it for middle earners, and protecting the lowest earners.

Improved public transport

We will renegotiate the contract for Jersey’s bus service to provide more accessible, affordable and environmentally friendly public transport, alongside active travel options.

Energy efficient homes

We will establish a programme to support households to transition to low-carbon heating systems.

Government accountability

We will establish a Public Services Ombudsman to enable Islanders to seek real redress when failed by a government service.