Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Reform Jersey is a social democratic party which stands for social and economic justice.

We believe that it is through our shared endeavour that we can create an environment in which everyone can achieve their potential, irrespective of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or social background.

We believe in speaking up for the vulnerable and encouraging those with aspiration. We wish to see Jersey prosper in a manner that will improve the wellbeing of all current and future citizens.

We believe that Jersey’s strengths can be harnessed by a progressive government to deliver a society where we can all thrive.

Our Record

Over the last four years, Reform Jersey’s five elected States Members have worked hard to deliver on the pledges made in our previous manifesto. We have served in Government and Scrutiny, and have been responsible for bringing key propositions to the Assembly aimed at improving life for Islanders.

Our successes in this term of office have included:

  • Reducing the cost of seeing a GP for low-income Islanders, including pensioners and children
  • Freezing social housing rents and lowering the rent caps to a more affordable level
  • Introducing a low-cost student bus pass and ‘through fares’
  • Reforming our voting system to make it more equitable
  • Securing funding for a new youth and community centre in town
  • Introducing a compensation scheme for people suffering from Mesothelioma as a result of contact with asbestos
  • Increasing funding to protect our culture and heritage

We have attempted to achieve more of our election commitments but have often been opposed by a majority of States Members. With more Reform Jersey members in the Assembly, we could achieve so much more.