Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Reform Jersey is calling on the government to provide urgent clarity and assurances on the latest Covid developments to Islanders as soon as possible.

Since the last press conference:

  • positive cases being recorded daily have gone down, but there remain serious concerns over community transmission of the virus, and the possibility of the more transmissible variant being present on the island,
  • a change in the plan for rolling out vaccinations has taken place without a full explanation being provided, 
  • the UK government has announced that GCSE, A Level and BTEC exams in summer will not take place as usual.

The government must provide explanations of how it is reacting to these developments, why it has taken the action it has, and what further action it will take.

In particular, following the announcement from the UK Government that GCSE, A Level and BTEC exams will not go ahead as planned, the Council of Ministers must urgently inform Jersey students how this will affect them. Many students will be worried at the implications of this announcement, especially as it comes just as some students prepare to take exams this week.

Reform Jersey believes that Jersey’s situation has been exacerbated by previous mistakes made and delays in taking appropriate action to prevent the spread of the virus. This must not be repeated as we now face this crucial moment in ensuring we continue to see community transmission of the virus reduce.

The government must not lift restrictions before it is safe to do so, and should consider, if necessary, tougher restrictions on travel into the island, home-learning for students and businesses remaining closed, in order to ensure that we reduce cases in the island so that resources do not have to be directed to the health service when the focus must now be on getting Islanders vaccinated as soon as possible.

The government must provide assurances on the support it will provide to Islanders who continue to face job insecurity with businesses forced into closure and to parents who may struggle with childcare as school groups are sent home at short notice.