Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Ken Addison will be standing for election as a States Deputy in St Clement in the June general election.

Following a career in the Royal Air Force, Ken came to Jersey in 1975 to work in the newly created States of Jersey Computer Services Department as a Computer Programmer. During his working life, Ken spent most of his employment in Finance and IT. He moved to St Clement with his Jersey-born wife Linda in 1983 and they have lived in the same house, in Pontorson Lane ever since.

Since his retirement, Ken has been extremely active in the local community.

He has:

  • Volunteered as a member of the Parish Support Team, supporting vulnerable parishioners
  • Worked with Christians Against Poverty, assisting Islanders struggling with debt and poverty to manage their budgets
  • Supported residents of the Little Sisters of the Poor with his dog Milo, a ‘Pets as Therapy’ trained dog
  • Co-founded the St Clement Environment, Infrastructure and Housing Group, which was instrumental in the successful campaign to protect green fields in the Parish from being developed

Speaking on his motivation to stand for election, Ken said - “My concerns for the Parish and Island are many: Housing, both buying and renting a property; the Environment, protecting our green fields and developing green energy from Solar, Tidal and Wind, the Living Wage; reforming our outdated Income Tax regime; the rise in the cost of living and Population.

Two of these issues are interwoven: Housing and Population. The population increase and housing crisis needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. It is disappointing that the previous government hasn’t used any of its levers to begin to solve these problems.

Jersey must reduce net migration levels into the Island and take a much stricter approach in issuing licences/ permits for people to move here when there are alternatives to use locally based talent first. This will provide a greater incentive to provide training and career development for people already working here, improve the terms and conditions for those in traditionally low paid sectors and increase tax revenues. It will also help take some heat out of the housing market.

Finally, Green Energy: Jersey has one of the highest tidal resources of anywhere in the British Isles. Using this energy, I believe Jersey could provide all of the electricity needed and be able to export the remaining energy giving independence of supply and a potential income. Alongside other Reform Jersey candidates, I want to help deliver positive change for our Island, based on a credible manifesto which sets the agenda for government.”

Reform Jersey party leader Sam Mézec said - “I believe Ken would make an excellent Deputy for St Clement. His dedication to his local community is beyond doubt and his professional background will ensure he is an effective States Member from day one.”