Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Local accountant and Open University lecturer Helen Evans will be running for election as Deputy in the constituency made up of St Mary, St Ouen and St Peter, as a Reform Jersey candidate.

Helen grew up in Jersey and attended Beaulieu School. She is a qualified accountant - (Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) – and trained at the UK National Audit Office.

On why she has chosen to stand for election now, she said – “I have decided to put myself forward for election believing that my professional experience as a lecturer and as an accountant has given me a strong and varied skillset that equips me to be an effective States Member representing the people of St May, St Ouen and St Peter, the part of the island where I grew up and where I now live.”

In recent years we’ve seen society become more unequal with a decline in social mobility. As we emerge from the disruption of Covid we have an opportunity to build a better society for the future - a more cohesive society in which people can flourish. We need to get away from decision-making based on short-term expediency and work together to make a fairer and more sustainable society. We must recognise the value of work that contributes to the common good and ensure people are fairly remunerated for their work. We have to make our public services fit for the twenty-first century, regaining people’s trust in public services where that has been lost.”

If elected, I’d be particularly well placed, on the basis of my experience in accountancy and audit in the UK and EU public sector, to play a part in ensuring the proper management of public money and the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of public spending.”

Party leader Sam Mézec said – “I am delighted that Helen is running for election. As a party, Reform Jersey is committed to ensuring we get the best use out of taxpayers’ money and cut down on wasteful spending. Helen’s professional background and skillset are ideal, and I have been very impressed by her ideas on how to improve the way government finances are managed.