Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Jersey’s biggest political party is launching their campaign to encourage potential election candidates to come forward.

Reform Jersey has formally adopted a candidate selection process, which will involve a Selection Panel meeting with prospective candidates, who will be required to present a CV and DBS check. Once selected, candidates will be offered extensive training, a current States Member to act as a mentor to them and to help write the party’s election manifesto.

Party Leader Senator Sam Mézec said - “Exactly one year from now, the public will go to the polls to choose the people who will make up the next government. It will be a historic election because of the new voting system and the development of party politics.

Our party will be publishing a full manifesto outlining exactly what we would do if we led the next government. This will build on our ‘New Deal for Jersey’ proposals which we published during the height of the pandemic, on how we ought to turn the energy and momentum we created to deal with the public health crisis towards dealing with the challenges our Island faces. The vision we will promote will be one for a fairer Island, where we reverse the growing trends of inequality, where we invest in our public services and make our government system work for the people.

In this term of office, we have shown how effective a group of States Members can be by being well organised and having a clear agenda set out in a comprehensive manifesto. We hope to encourage people who otherwise would not have considered standing for politics to come join us and be part of our team so we can achieve even more together.”

Party Chairperson Lyndsay Feltham said – “We want the public to have confidence that our candidates are up to the job, which is why we are choosing to be transparent about the requirements we will expect our candidates to meet.

The advantage of standing with a party is that collectively we have a lot of experience which we can pass on to new candidates and give them the training they need to stand out from the rest and hit the ground running if they are elected. On top of that, our candidates will play a role in shaping our policy agenda, which will in turn shape the agenda of the next government, in a way that independent candidates simply cannot hope to do.”

Anyone considering standing for election with Reform Jersey is encouraged to contact the party ( or one of its sitting States Members, who will be more than happy to help them through the process and encourage them.