Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Following the resignation of Reform Jersey members Senator Sam Mézec and Deputy Montfort Tadier from their roles in government, and the support of the parliamentary party members for the recent ‘Vote of No Confidence’ in the Chief Minister, the party intends to form an official ‘Opposition’ block in the States Assembly.

In parliamentary systems across the Commonwealth, the largest party outside of government usually forms an ‘Opposition’ to the government, to hold the government to account and present itself as an alternative.

Party Leader Senator Sam Mézec said “Reform Jersey was right to support the Vote of No Confidence in the Chief Minister, as his leadership on key issues facing islanders has been weak and he has failed to deliver on the ambitions in the Common Strategic Policy and our agreement with him on the formation of a government after the last election. The last straw was his shambolic handling of the recent crisis with the CEO. Even though the vote did not succeed, it is clear that a large proportion of the Assembly has lost faith in his leadership, and there is widespread disillusion amongst the public.”

For the next 18 months until the 2022 election, we will work hard to hold the government to account and seek to deliver on our manifesto commitments to improve the standard of living for islanders, and to ensure that our recovery following the coronavirus pandemic is based on our ‘New Deal for Jersey’ proposals. We will be lodging several propositions in the coming months to that effect.

As part of the formation of the Opposition, Senator Mézec has made the following portfolio appointments to members:

Senator Sam Mézec – Leader of the Opposition, Economy, Children and Housing
Deputy Geoff Southern – Social Security
Deputy Carina Alves – Health
Deputy Rob Ward – Education and Environment
Deputy Montfort Tadier – Heritage, Sport, Culture, Equality and Human Rights

We intend to work inclusively with other States Members who share some of our policy aspirations and form broad coalitions to see propositions passed. Even amongst those who did not back the Vote of No Confidence, many still expressed their deep frustration at the lack of progress being made on key issues. We will seek to provide leadership where the Council of Ministers fails to do so.”