Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

In a display of confidence, members of Reform Jersey have re-elected Party Leader, Deputy Sam Mézec, and the executive leadership during the party’s Annual General Meeting held yesterday. Members also adopted a new Party Constitution, designed to pave Reform Jersey’s way towards government.

The changes in the new constitution include:

- Establishing a role of ‘Deputy Leader’ of the party

- Enabling the Party Leader to appoint members to spokesperson positions, potentially including ministerial candidates in future

- Enhancing the governance of the party by introducing a new complaints process and revamping the ‘Party Executive Committee’ (to replace the previous Management Committee), ensuring that party members can hold States Members to account

Reform Jersey's current office holders have retained their positions following re-election, with the notable addition of one new member joining the Executive Committee.

Deputy Mézec said – “I am delighted to have been re-elected as Leader by our members, and to receive their confidence in the work we have done to firmly set Reform Jersey on the path to government. As the only organised, unified, and cohesive block in the States Assembly, we have demonstrated the kind of leadership that the public expect from a government-in-waiting. We will continue to push for our manifesto policies to be implemented by the States, as we have successfully managed to do on many issues in the last year.”

After being re-elected as party Chairperson, Helen Evans said – “I am grateful that party members have re-elected me as chairperson and am looking forward to the year ahead as we continue to improve how our party is run. I am confident that our new Party Executive Committee will hit the ground running as we work closely with Reform Jersey’s parliamentary party to advance our manifesto and prepare for the next election.”