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Deputy Trevor Pointon has joined Reform Jersey and confirmed he will be the party’s candidate in St Helier North.

Trevor Pointon was elected as an independent candidate for Deputy of St John in 2018. During this term of office, he first served as a member of the Health and Social Security Scrutiny Panel and the Children, Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel. In 2021, he was appointed Assistant Minister for Health and Children. In this role he was responsible for the recent investment in the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service.

Prior to being elected as a Deputy, Trevor had long career in healthcare, having served as a Senior Staff Nurse at the General Hospital from 1990 until 2013. He was commissioned in the Army Medical Services from 1979 until 2006 and served in this role in Iraq in 2004.

On why Trevor is standing for re-election, he said - “My motivation for standing is to improve services within the Parish and make a difference for people and their families. During my first term I have been able to assist a significant number of people island wide to resolve issues they have encountered as service users. In my time as an Assistant Minister, there has been significant additional investment in mental health services with a measurable improvement in the delivery of services, but there remains a long way to go.

On why Trevor has chosen to join Reform Jersey, he said – “Given that in advance of the forthcoming election a number of groups decided to form political parties, I have chosen to align with Reform Jersey as I share many of the positive societal aspirations they stand for. They have already implemented successful policies and I want to be part of an effective team which can continue delivering for the people we represent.

With the recent electoral reforms seeing the constituency boundaries change significantly, Deputy Pointon has decided to contest St Helier North. “St Helier North is home to a diverse community, which I believe I can represent effectively. Having served in the States for four years already, I have experience at handling constituency casework and dealing with government departments to assist those who ask for my help.”

The new St Helier North constituency covers the First Tower, Mont a l’Abbe and Grands Vaux areas.

I am excited to stand alongside a diverse group of people who align with my values.”

Party leader Sam Mézec said – “I am absolutely delighted that Trevor has decided to join our party. Throughout this last term of office, we have frequently found ourselves on the same side of the debate as Trevor, and it is clear that he shares our passion for social and economic justice. His voting record on issues like raising the Minimum Wage and taking action to resolve the housing crisis is particularly impressive. His candidacy now completes our Reform Jersey election team, and we can’t wait to start our campaign!