Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Nigel Jones will be standing for election as a States Deputy in St Brelade in the June general election.

Nigel Jones founded the environmental group Jersey in Transition in 2010 and has become well known in local environmental circles for his position on climate change and protecting biodiversity. He has written a weekly opinion column in the Jersey Evening Post for the last five and a half years, and has made regular appearances in the local print, TV and radio media, usually to talk about the relationship between issues of the day and the climate and biodiversity crises.

But it’s not just about environment,’ he says. ‘It’s about us. We cannot hope to protect our precious life-support systems if we don’t look after each other at the same time. We have been taught that modern life is a dog-eat-dog struggle to make our own way, keep our heads above water, and look after number-one. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Reform Jersey’s policies for a Green New Deal are a perfect fit for the future of Jersey,’ he says. ‘We cannot continue to squeeze more productivity, more tax and longer hours out Middle Jersey while so many people increasingly suffer from shortage and hardship. Reform Jersey plans to diversify the local economy and reform our tax system so that those who can afford it pay their fair share.

Nigel Jones was born and brought up on the Quennevais Road. ‘My grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins all lived within walking or easy cycling distance, mostly along La Petite Route de Mielles,’ he remembers. He went away to university at 18, and ‘didn’t really come back for 15 years.’ During that time, he worked in a range of businesses, delivery driving, a vegetarian restaurant, electronics factory work, teaching in a primary school, and in industrial, technical sales.

He came back to Jersey and began teaching science and technology at De La Salle College, his old school, in 1987. In 2000 he took a career break, did a masters degree in computing and began writing software for local banks and other businesses. I thoroughly enjoyed the intricate complexity, and creating useful systems for people out of virtually nothing. Working with a team, we really helped move several important local businesses into the internet age, I think.’

This varied career has helped me understand more of how the world works,’ he said. ‘I love meeting people and trying to help them think through complex problems. We as an island, and as a global community, face some of the trickiest and, at the same time, the most important problems we have ever faced. If I can help piece together parts of a fair and a just – as well as an effective and timely – solution to just some of them in the next four years, I feel I have to try.’

Reform Jersey party leader Sam Mézec said ‘I am delighted that Nigel has decided to run for election with Reform Jersey. He is well known for his long record in championing environmental causes as well as his passion for social justice. I am confident he will make an excellent representative for the people of St Brelade.’