Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Dear Islander,

This election is a chance for the people of Jersey to vote for real change.

Reform Jersey is standing on a platform of positive change, with one clear and simple aim – to improve the lives of all Islanders.

Jersey is full of potential. We are surrounded by a beautiful environment. The people here are generous and hardworking. From finance to farming or from care in the community to construction, we have some of the best expertise in the world. There is no reason why Jersey could not have the highest standard of living in the world if we had governments with a clear vision of how to get there.

Yet all too often it feels like the States of Jersey has held the Island back from succeeding and has often stepped in the way to make things more difficult for ordinary Islanders trying to get by.

The statistics show that under the current States leadership, Jersey has become a more unequal society in comparison to the UK: average earnings have flat-lined for a decade and relative poverty has dramatically increased. We refuse to accept that any of this is inevitable.

The current Council of Ministers has failed to control population growth, has let down young Islanders by failing to find a funded solution for Higher Education and has failed to reign in the wasteful spending at the senior levels of the civil service. We believe that Jersey deserves better than this.

In this manifesto, we are presenting our vision for how things can be different.

We know that there are huge challenges facing Jersey and that tough decisions will need to be made, but we accept that we do not possess all the answers and we want to work together in an open democracy, on behalf of the public to make this Island a better place for everyone.

We believe that the three main focuses for the next government should be –

  • To make a concerted drive to improve the standard of living for Islanders (including the elimination of poverty), based on a growing economy which works for all and strong public services
  • To implement the recommendations of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry, to ensure all of Jersey’s young people can thrive
  • To represent Jersey’s interests at the highest level throughout Brexit negotiations, to ensure Jersey’s place in the world is secured

If the people of Jersey offer us a chance to take a leading role in the next government, we will not let you down. A better Jersey is possible, and we are determined to make it happen.