Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Posted on: Wed, Feb 28 2018 by Admin

If you are passionate about Jersey and believe you could make a difference, then why not stand for election?

Posted on: Thu, Feb 22 2018 by Admin

After years of campaigning to increase wages for low-paid Islanders, the Council of Ministers has FINALLY agreed to accept Reform Jersey's position that the States of Jersey should sign up as a 'Living Wage' employer and encourage businesses to do the same.

Posted on: Mon, Feb 12 2018 by Admin

In the run up to Jersey's general election, the current government are hoping you will forget their mistakes over the last 6 years and are pushing through some 'nice' policies in the hope you won't see through their plan. Jersey deserves a government which keeps it's promises and works in the interests of all Islanders. The election on 16th May will be your chance to vote for change.

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